Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Crayola by any other name?

Would a Crayola by any other name be just as colorful and vibrant and spark free-flowing creativity and imagination?

Sometimes I think I can literally see Sophie's brain getting bigger, new paths forming, new electrodes firing... whatever exactly happens in that sweet little head of hers. I've tried talking more, describing more, telling her what we are doing more and more - and she really gets it, or at least she looks at me like she does!

Coloring and drawing in her sketch pad are her new favorite things. I watched her stare down one of her crayons and started describing it to her. The only problem is I think I just confused her more:

It's red, it's made of wax, it's covered in paper, it's a cylinder, it makes marks, it's soft, it melts, it lives in a tidy little box with other crayons...

But where do I stop? At "it's red?" I certainly don't want to short-change her, so I guess I'll just keep talking :)

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