Sunday, March 6, 2011

Permanence and other new stuff

Feeling a bit more permanent these days. We are renewing the lease on our house in Charlotte, and Sophie is officially enrolled in weekday school starting in the Fall. I know that she will love school, but looking into my crystal ball I see a few tears in the future.

The Barber household is done with baby bottles! But let me tell you sippy cups are just as much a pain in the a** to wash at the end of the day.

So, to update on Operation: One Nap...

I think we need to see someone about Sophie's addiction to sleep. She had one week of one-nap-days. Then Yaya came to town, March came in like a lamb and we had some perfect park days (i.e. lots of fresh air). Get to the point, you say.

Sophie started waking at 6am and going back down at 8am, sleeping for 2-2.5 hours, up for lunch and an activity and back down for a solid 2.5 hour afternoon nap. And bedtime has stayed between 6:30 and 7pm. This is the kind of sleeping she did at 10 months old. I am at a loss. Is it all the fresh air? A growth spurt?

All I can say is mommy gets more free time during the day than she expected, so instead of lamenting over the role of the SAHM as I've been doing lately, I got some stuff done.
  • did some consignment shopping
  • consigned some clothes to get into the BEST pre-sale in town
  • got my creative juices flowing
  • cooked some dynamite food
  • took some pictures *swoon*

I am going to leave this as my baby/family/life/motherhood musing blog, but I have to pimp my pillows once since they are officially for sale, both on Facebook and at Ruby's Gift in NoDa. Here is the low-down:

Little Bungalow pillows are artistically repurposed one-of-a-kind creations made from burlap sacks that were once used to import green coffee beans from around the world. Each bag is completely unique bearing the stamps and markings of the exporter.

All Little Bungalow pillows are created individually with a vintage 1970’s Sears Kenmore sewing machine. They are lined with 100% cotton muslin, double stitched and are backed with various coordinating canvas and cotton duck fabrics. The envelope closure provides easy entry for pillow insert.

Ideal for indoor or covered outdoor space. Spot clean only with damp cloth. Sizes are standard, inserts not included.


  1. I LOVE the pillows! What a great idea. You should pimp them a lot!

    And...when did she get on a sleep schedule? Did she do it naturally or did you make it happen? I would love for Abraham to nap at all, much less predictably. I want to get back to blogging and sewing too!

  2. Hi Vicki! Like the pillows on facebook and buy one :)

    As far as the sleeping goes - she did it naturally. I also read Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child (highly recommend). It's a great guide, gives you a range of methods... just really well written and respected in the mommy community. I will put some more thought into a response and send it to you. xo

  3. Thanks - I have just started reading that book this weekend.
    I might have to buy some pillows. Our sofa could use some love. :)