Sunday, March 6, 2011

Motherly advice

A snippet from a conversation with my mom last weekend:

Me: She hardly cries during shots at the Dr because I put a crusher in her mouth.
Marcia: That's a great idea!
Me: Yeah, I always give her a snack when putting her back in her car seat, and she doesn't cry about that, either.
Marcia: I know, she is such a good baby.
Me: Now that I think about it, it sounds like I bribe her with food for everyday tasks. Is that bad?
Marcia: Nah. Bribe her with food now because that is what she knows. Just wait til she gets older, then you will just find other things to bribe her with.


  1. HMMMM, I remember the part about putting her in the carseat, but not sure about the rest of it, but bribery as she gets older can get VERY expensive! I love my quality time with Miss Sophie, Amy and Bryan! It was a beautiful spring weekend and the time spent at the Van Landingham estate was PRICELESS!

  2. Mom! That is a selective memory of yours :)