Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Operation: O.N. (one nap)

Well, three days in and Operation: One Nap has been a screaming success. I tell you, there is some truth to my baby bible: Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. There is also truth to a little old saying that God doesn't give you more than you can bear.

We have a good sleeper on our hands. She hasn't always been that way though. Just when I was seriously about to commit myself due to sleep deprivation, Sophie started napping. Then she started sleeping more at night. Between five and six months, she was sleeping a solid 12 to sometimes 14 hours straight. So, it's no surprise really that when she was ready to drop a nap, she simply dropped a nap.

Friends, three days in might still be the honeymoon phase; I'm totally aware. As I write about the good times, I'll also be honest about the not so good times. But if this is the last post on her One Nap adventure, then rest assured that we are all resting. Assured.

To address our recent hiatus from the blogosphere, we went to Maui for 10 days. There was an adjustment to that idea on the front side of the 10 days, and an adjustment to hugging our 23lb alarm clock on the back side of the 10 days. And, here we are, back to Musing on Motherhood with Sophie en Sophie. xo


  1. Such a huge fan of HSHHC! We went to one nap a little bit ago and it has been nice. Love the ability to get out in the mornings especially right before spring.
    Glad y'all are back.

  2. YES - we went for almost an hour walk this morning without having to check the clock every three blocks *phew.* I remember you writing about going to one nap and the thought of the idea scared me. "When will I workout? When will I shower? Will I be skipping breakfast AND lunch now?"