Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Save yourselves

I'm on the never-ending quest to frugally becoming more environmental and healthy with our everyday choices and with our food. The following are a few confessions and discoveries made lately that I feel the need to share with you. **Disclaimer: not looking to elevate myself to any sort of higher level by imparting some Earth-friendly wisdom (that you may or may not already know), and your opinion might be different than mine (really?). Simply blogging, people.

Confession: I don't always remember my reusable grocery bags when shopping. BUT I do have two 50-something lb dogs that make a lot of poop in the backyard. SO I repurpose the bags to pick up dog poop. The bags are recyclable if you take them back to most grocery stores, too (not if you have poop in them, mind you).

Discovery: Costco in Charlotte not only sells USDA certified organic chicken breasts and thighs, but also ground beef! Also: quinoa, frozen organic broccoli, frozen mixed veggies, Annie's snacks, flax cereal, ground flax seed... my mental list capacity ran out before your eyes. I'm a big fan of Costco to say the least.

Confession: I throw anything paper or plastic in the recycle bin without really knowing what numbers we in Charlotte are allowed to recycle. At least I'm trying, which is more than some people do.

Discovery: 4, 5, 1, and 2 - all the rest are bad for you. Repeat and remember. This is a good way to make sure you are purchasing plastic products that are free of harmful chemicals. BPA Free is something you should also be looking for. No children's product should ever have a number 7 (polycarbonate) or number 3 (PVC).

Confession: I use Pampers. I have zero desire to cloth diaper my babe and I once used a whole bag of the Seventh Generation diapers... they didn't work for us. My child has never had open sores of any sort from sitting in chlorine or whatever else is in Pampers. I try to offset this horrible, Earth-polluting decision with other, more environmental choices (like supporting local farmers through organic produce, not buying bottled water, repurposing used items like Ziplocs, glass jars, magazines etc.).

Discovery: Seventh Generation cleaning products smell like poo. I'm just not a fan. Environmentally friendly, not tested on animals options that smell delicious: Meyers (love their lavender or the basil dish soap), and Method from Target. Unscented options, too.

What are your discoveries or confessions? Sharing is nice.

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  1. confession: my phone was on silent when you called this morning.
    discovery: when i called you back, your phone went straight to vm.
    confession/discovery: i'd like for you to call me back/i also throw whatever i want into the recycle bin.