Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The problem with chocolate cake

There's a problem with chocolate cake? Yes. But only in the morning when I pour my coffee. It seems like a great solution to "what's for breakfast?" But wait... then at lunch, something sweet seems to be a right more than an indulgence - after all, I did just eat a Tupperware of leftovers like a good domestic diva. OK... it's also a problem at night. Dinner time goes exceptionally well with dessert (no coincidence why they both start with "d's"). Thankfully the chocolate birthday cake has been reduced to crumbs. Even with guests over the weekend, it took six days to disappear. Happy 30-something again to my dear hubby Bryan!

We had a lovely Labor Day weekend complete with some family visiting from KY and some amazing weather. One broken arm and a trip to the ER, approximately 75 silly bands, lots of fruit, walks to the park, Concord Mills, Discovery Place, s'mores and some Florida State football... phew! A few years ago when Houston and Darra came to town, we ate at gourmet restaurants uptown, watched movies, went house hunting, slept in, hung out... now we slap together turkey sandwiches, veggies and GoGurt, press play on Garfield which we DVR'ed earlier in the day (way to go, mom!) and phone in a pizza for the adults (add Pizza Hut to the list of places that will no longer deliver to our neighborhood!). My, how life changes...

I had some mommy free time on Labor Day so I got in a nice workout and headed to Target to return a bag of recent impulse purchases. I left with an entirely new bag of impulse purchases :) Shopping alone I at least had the opportunity to try things on first... but I felt too tired. Too tired?? When was I replaced with an old lady? At least my hair has stopped falling out in mass quantities... but I am over being so tired in the middle of the day.

Sophie has been such a peach lately. She is getting really good at pulling up on things and has started climbing a little. Personally I think she needs to work on moving horizontally before we start going vertical, but, march on little lamb.

Consignment season is almost over. There are two more really well organized sales that I'm really pumped about. Soph needs a few more things for winter and we should be all set. Still hunting for the perfect Christmas and birthday outfits however!

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