Monday, September 27, 2010

Date day

This past Saturday, our neighbors offered to keep Sophie so that mom and dad could get out of the house for a few hours. I had grand plans for our date which completely fell apart the day before. However, sometimes there is nothing better than spur of the moment fun! Bryan and I went to a new restaurant in our neighborhood called Bistro La Bon. The Swedish Meatballs with Lingonberry sauce were The waitress said that people come back for them; and she was right, we'll be back.

Then we were off to Oktoberfest! We volunteered with a vendor - our friend Adam who works for Oskar Blues, a brewery in Colorado. We poured beer for an hour or so and got the backstage tour of the other breweries. I have to say this was my first beer fest (we've only been to wine festivals before) and I walked away with a new appreciation for craft beer

Sunday we watched a little football and headed up to Concord Mills. Sophie was a riot in the BCBG dressing room while mommy tried on dresses for an upcoming wedding. She played in the mirror, crawled all around, threw her puffs everywhere... she was happy as long as she wasn't in the stroller. Then we used our Citipass book to seek out some ice cream. We landed at Elizabeth Creamery for the first time. Baby loved some chocolate ice cream!!


Little cuteness playing with Cooper.
I really just needed a picture of her in this adorable pumpkin hat!
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Having fun in her crib after a nap!

Patiently waiting for more ice cream.

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  1. All of her pics are adorable, but I especially love the one with the chocolate all over her mouth! She's a girl after my own heart - Yaya and Soph love that chocolate!!!