Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Snow day

It's a brilliant 65 degrees outside right now. Yesterday... 4 inches of snow. "What the what?" you say? I know. I layered up myself first, then Sophie, then Tucker. Then Tucker thought it would be a good time to fill his pants. So, mommy is already sweating and Sophie is starting to get ants in her pants, but Tux needed a diaper change. Off with the fleece jumper, and the cotton jumper, then do over. Then fun doesn't stop there. We spent more time getting dressed for the snow than we actually spent outside enjoying the snow. 

Later in the day, we Skyped with Yaya. Sophie needed some sympathy since her mean mommy made her go out and play in the snow. She told Yaya (and anyone else that asked), "It's cold out in the snow." And it sort of sounds like this, "Mommy made me go outside in my shorts and I was freezing! Someone help me!"

"It's cold out in the snow."

She was infinitely happier the next day in the sunshine with her pahcorns (popcorn).

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