Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Shop til you drop

I love a good consignment sale. 

Back in Charlotte, I went to all of the consignment sales at the beginning of the season to shop for Sophie. Here in Louisville I'm still learning which ones are worth my time, since my time is a little less these days. Little Treasures is my running favorite. Even though I really prefer girls clothing options to boys, I was still able to find some really cute jumpers for the little dude. I spent a grand total of $72 and walked away with all of this loot! We have anchors, watermelons, giraffe and smocks... all gently used (but already awash in Dreft and hanging to dry in my laundry room!) and all for the price of one brand new smocked dress.

Not only do I revel in the thrill of the hunt and being frugal, I'm also happy to lend a hand to the environment. According to this lady, it takes 1/3 pound of synthetic fertilizer to grow enough cotton to make ONE new cotton t-shirt.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, lady! I am so so impressed with your finds. We had a sale last week, and I spent only a little less and got a whole lot less stuff(boo). We got the watermelon outfit too! Love it!