Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My firstborn

Cooper (4yrs) and Maddox (5yrs), Boxers.

I've been doing a lot of worrying about how to still make sure Sophie doesn't feel left out or neglected when baby Barber comes along (hey baby: how bout now?). But my friend Heidi was quick to remind me how upset I had become in the days leading up to Sophie's birth that my other two firstborn would not get any love or attention and therefore hate me.

Well, Maddox and Cooper managed just fine, in case you were wondering. They were given big Christmas stockings full of treats and toys (which lasted approximately 17 minutes before eaten or destroyed), and though they were relegated to the family room instead of sleeping in our room, they quickly took over the couch and still maintained special places in our family.

This time around is a little different. They've been following me around the house non-stop (Cooper takes my afternoon nap with me every day and Maddox doesn't let me out of her site at all). I keep telling Bryan that dogs have sixth senses and maybe this means the baby's arrival is imminent. Bryan says our dogs don't have the normal five senses and therefore my theory is null and void. Hm. We don't have to agree on everything.

I'm confident that Sophie will survive the addition of a sibling, but I'm still open to any and all advice on how to make this transition easier for her!

One of my favorite suggestions thus far has been to make her a special goody basket of some treasured new toys, coloring books, etc that she only gets to play with when mommy is feeding baby and has her hands full.

I would love to hear from others, too! Please send my way if you can!

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  1. Hey Amy! Can't wait to find out if baby #2 is a boy or girl! I saw your post the other day and was reminiscing about those same feelings last year before Mattie was born. Everyone will adjust - there is plenty of love! Mattie was born 3 days after Christmas so toys were in abundance at the house - a great distraction. Our son wanted to be with me a lot after Mattie was born so I just included him in everything! He helped with throwing away the diapers, finding pacifiers, blankets, etc - we made it fun and like a game. DB was also really into "teaching" Mattie everything he knew. You'll find your own tricks and you'll also have awe of the holidays too! Good luck these last couple of weeks!