Sunday, December 5, 2010

Obsess much

I sort of have a new obsession. Let's call it shopping for Sophie. Better yet, let's call it finding bargains for Sophie.

First up is Smocked Auctions. That is where I found her adorable Thanksgiving turkey smock. They don't have a website or pictures you can browse. I literally had to stay up on the computer one night to "bid." This dress would have cost $75 full retail. I got it for $30! Smocked Auctions does not let you name your price, you simply have to the be the first to comment on the photo posted with "sold, email, and size." I was SO stoked I won this one!

Next up is Zulily. I snatched up an adorable Castles and Crowns jacket for next year. Retail would have been over $50. I got it for under $30. No picture of that one, it's hanging in her closet already though!

Another Facebook favorite is Lolly Wolly Doodle. They have great sales and some really adorable clothes. Then **sigh** there is Etsy. You know you can find almost ANYTHING on Etsy? I've gotten lots of cute birthday things from this website... another longer post after the big day!

Now these weren't a bargain, but who can resist Tiny Prints? Merry Christmas and happy shopping from the Barbers!


  1. Do you know about Thred Up? It is an online clothes swapping program to trade gently used clothes.

  2. No, never heard of that! Thanks Vicki! Two more for you: is an online consignment. I also learned another one from a new mommy friend: The Baby Gap has any one item for 40% off EVERY Wednesday. Sophie got a Christmas present there yesterday ;)

  3. Good to know!!! Thanks! I've got Zulily in my inbox every day (I mostly drool...I haven't bought anything yet), and I can't imagine life without Etsy! :)