Wednesday, February 6, 2013


We've been on a baby food making journey for years! With little Tux things got a whole lot more convenient and even more affordable with the $20 purchase of these Squooshi pouches. The pouches are refill-able and make baby food feeding on-the-go a whole lot less messy.

Squooshi aren't without their flaws though. Don't zip the ziplock all the way and you have what we call a big fat mess. And let's not miss the Made in China printed on the bottom. Wonh-wonh. So, forgive the manufacturer and make sure the top and bottom closures are secure and you are good. to. go.

The picture above is like many I've taken while we enjoy snacks after mommy's workout. This day in particular, Tucker said "nums" for roasted acorn squash, organic peas, wild rice/lentil mix and organic apples. Fruit, fiber, protein and vegetable? And I made it myself? Win-win-win-win-winning.

Hey! Hey! Looky here! $5 off coupon expires March 15. Worth it!

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