Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Buh-cation 2012

I've had really good intentions of writing a long entry to go with this long string of photos... had a lot on my mind. I actually scuffed my feet around my house wishing I kept a journal of things I wanted to get out of my head and into words for posterity sake. Um, duh, I write pretty frequently/infrequently in this little family blog. So, some family thoughts coming up soon.

Sophie pouted upon going to bed for six straight days because she was ready to go to "buh-cation." Here are some pics from our family trip to Lake Michigan, Buh-cation 2012.

Lady and the Tramp-style speghetti.

They can use the iPad better than me.

Master sandcastle builder.

Sorry for the zinc nose, Sophie.
Doc said it will keep new skin from scarring.

Shawn, Soph, Bryan. Love.

She loves her daddy.

GDaddy and Tuckerman.

Our preferred mode of transportation to/from the lake!

You can do it! Tucker's cheering squad.

And, what baby doesn't need a hug after first crawling?

Lake fun.

Getting her Olympic jumping skills warmed up.


Daddy's girl ALL week.

Tucker's first beach experience.

She's always so helpful!


Loving the lake.

Soph and mama.

Having so much fun together!

Soph and GDaddy.

Looking at the lighthouse.

Future plumber?

My sweet boys.

His cheeks must be so sore at the end of the day.

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  1. What a sweet, beautiful family you have! Glad you all got some good time to relax.
    P.S. her nose looks great!